Hard drive health

By , July 7, 2014

The hard drive is one of the most, if not the most important part of your pc. The hard drive is where your data is stored, and if it is damaged or becomes corrupted due to age or wear, your data may have to be recovered. Sometimes recovery is inexpensive and easy, sometimes it’s too expensive and quite honestly, not cost effective. The lifespan for most hard drives is 3-5 years. Hard drives are mechanical, and because of that, they are hard to test, and hard to know if they are going to fail until they do, but one of the ways a hard drive will fail is it will get bad sectors, shuffle data around to avoid those sectors, eventually they get more and more bad sectors, and then at some point files get corrupted, or windows doesn’t boot.

TechSupport offers a free remote hard drive screening, which will tell you if your drive is getting bad sectors. If they are caught early, the computer’s configuration, settings, programs and data can be easily saved by transferring your current system to a new drive, either a mechanical, or a super-fast SSD drive, which could speed up your system quite noticeably.
To prepare for a remote hard drive screening, install TechSupport Remote, following these instructions.

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