Getting remote support

By , July 9, 2014

To set up online computer support there are a couple different options. I can install the remote program when I am on site, which is the most popular option, I can email you a link to join a remote session, or you can install the program that’s located  on the Remote Support page on my site.

To install the remote program, first download it. Depending on your web browser, it may say that it can’t download the application because it’s an executable file, just ignore the warning and tell the browser to “keep” the file, since you know where it came from.  When the file is downloaded, you will want to “run” the file. You can do that from the web browser you downloaded the file with, or open your downloads folder and open/run the file.

Now you’re connected, and I can remotely assist you with your computer issues including virus removal, malware and spyware removal, and most other computer repair services

If there are any issues, or your particular configuration makes it hard to install the program, which happens sometimes, give me a call and we can set up the remote session over the phone or email.

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